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The town of Dačice

Panoramafotos der Stadt DačiceThe town of Dačice can be found near the borders of Bohemia, Moravia and Lower Austria. From an orographic point of view, the territory of Dačice is part of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Visitors are attracted in summer by the warm forest paths, swimming in natural fishponds, and the aromatic and deep forests full of blueberries, raspberries and mushrooms, in winter by  the pleasant conditions for cross-country skiing and all year round by the ideal opportunities offered here for cycling and rambling. Marked tourist trails lead visitors through the picturesque valley of the Moravská Dyje. It is thanks to its position at the upper reaches of this river that the name "Podyje Gate" has become associated with the town.

The large number of architectral monuments, pilgrimage sites and other places of interest attract visitors from home and abroad to the closer and wider surroundings of the town of Dačice. One of the greatest attractions is the proximity of the Bohemian Canada protected natural park.


Allgemeine Information

  • Height above sea level: 483 m
  • Number of inhabitants: 7.400
  • Local districts: Bílkov, Borek, Chlumec, Dolní Němčice, Hostkovice, Hradišťko, Lipolec, Malý Pěčín, Prostřední Vydří, Toužín, Velký Pěčín
  • Partnergemeinden: Groß-Siegharts (, Urtenen - Schönbühl (
  • Nearest border crossing: Slavonice (CZ) - Fratres (Austria) - 13 km
  • Transport connections: coach transport, railway - Kostelec u Jihlavy - Slavonice route

Altes SchlossBlick auf das Rathaus

Heraldic signHeraldisches Wappen

A golden five-leaf rose on a blue coat of arms with a red centre and green calyx leaves. Above this is a golden letter M beneath a crown (the origins of the sign are attributed to the coat-of-arms of the Lords of Hradec). Above the coat of arms is a blue and gold helmet with a royal crown.

A South-Bohemian town on the Thaya River

The town of Dačice today

StadtblickAt present, Dačice is the natural centre of the historical region of Southeast Moravia. For its inhabitants and visitors, which increase in number every year because of the tourist trade, the town has established a system of shops, services and banks, there are good traffic conditions and quality health care thanks to the hospital and specialised out-patient clinics. You can find vocational colleges and secondary schools here and the facilities include a modern stadium and various sports grounds as well as good conditions for the activities of interest groups and associations, which participate in the cultural and social life of the town.

In recent years the town has been undergoing an active period of the town is to provide good living conditions for young people and young families with children as well as for middle-aged and senior citizens. That is why playgrounds for children and sports facilities for young people have been established, schools are well-equipped, the long-awaited aqua park is built, the care home is being modernised and new housing is being created on the western outskirts of the town in the locality of Nivy. Support is provided for all other activities that could improve life in Dačice and make it more pleasant.

The cultural calendar of the town contains many regular cultural, sport and social events, which enrich life in the town and which have gained faithful supporters.

Stadt DačiceSchwimmbad Dačice